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You, as a loving and devoted partner, are allowed to touch it just like the rest of her body. 2: Handful of grease If you do feel the need to touch her hair, you’re doing this at your own risk. The fact that your hand will be covered in oil or leave in conditioner. 3: Sunday=Washday You’ll have to learn to accept that you won’t be able to share your Sundays together as they’re dedicated to washing her hair.That being said, she probably won’t like it when strangers (your nosy friends, parents or others) touch it without asking permission. This means that the whole day will be dedicated to cleaning and conditioning her hair.

She does need all of the products she has laying around the bathroom. 5: Don’t ever call her a Snoop Dogg look-a-like Even if she has mad rapping skills, no woman with braids wants to hear this. You can support her by offering a short neck massage.

'Yup, me', I replied, shaking my head, equally bemused. Truth be told, unlike some of my friends, I never had a boyfriend who asked me to go natural, who turned his head when he saw a fro'd up sister walk past, who's gaze lingered a second too long on a head of tight kinks in the yoghurt aisle.

It made me wonder whether we had conditioned these men to see straight hair, long straight hair, not only as the norm but as the standard of beauty to be upheld, and whether they were actually railing against it on the inside, dying a small death every time we smiled coyly at them from under our Indian bangs or saucily flicked our Brazilians over our shoulder, because we're worth it.

If not, my husband, who'd only every known me with straightened hair or weaves, would have run for the hills the second I opted for my kinky, natural hair.

Here are 5 Reasons Every Man Should Date, Even Marry a Woman with Natural Hair By: Strawberri Curls Don’t forget to check out Part 2 after you read 5 Reasons To Date a Woman with Natural Hair. But just in case you need a little help here’s a Natural Hair Gift Guide 2.

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