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The trends of the 70s were mostly gone and in its place is the eventual dominance of new wave acts, rock, pop, and country.It was a fantastic year compared to the previous two years as the hits got better and better. This is exactly what this list is about, exposing the worst of a particular year. Every generation is nostalgic about the past decades.She was looking for a record deal and got one with EMI Records.She recorded the singles Modern Girl and Morning Train (Nine To Five) and they were big hits on the UK charts.

And you also have the most basic, barebones use of doo-wop vocals that have become cliched by this point.Allow me to introduce you to a Scottish singer named Sheena Easton.She made her first public appearance on an episode of The Big Time, an old British TV show that focused on people working on their big break in a particular field.The instrumentation is fine, especially Ray’s guitar work.But what makes this song bad is the content of the lyrics. Did I ever mentioned that this song was rumored to be inspired by Diana Ross?

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Along with that, the song feels like a preachy after-school special ruining your cartoons.

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