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One plot is that a Jewish girl is pretending to be a "Shiksa," to get the attention of a Jewish man who appears to be over Jewish women because they're considered to be J. the perfect Skiksa; her brown hair is now red and brown eyes covered by glasses became green contact lenses.

When the girls go to another mixer "for Jewish singles," she runs into the same man as last time ("Josh,") however, he has no idea they've met before.

We develop dark circles under our eyes, the skin we have sags within the chin, and we exhibit wrinkles across the corners with the eyes and mouth.

But the more she looks around, the more she discovers that all the eligible Jewish men are dating non-Jewish women. So when she and her non-Jewish best friend Krista are at a kosher wine tasting and in walks gorgeous, rich, and Jewish Josh Hirsch, Aimee doesn't correct him when he assumes she isn't Jewish.

This was possibly one of all the funniest books I've read in a long time!

The statement amongst Jewish women when they find "a Nice Jewish boy," is usually: all the Jewish men are taken by "goy" or a shiksah" (two Yiddish words meaning Non-Jewish woman). This book was great for women of any denomination; however, there are only a few things only a Jewish woman could understand (but there is a glossary in the back of the book with all the definitions). The first time they met or more like she tried to meet him, she was dragged by her best friend who is a shiksa who believes that Jewish men are absolutely PERFECT (if only that were true, LOL! The first time Aimee (the main character, the Jewish woman) tried to meet "Josh," a Jewish guy she was pining over, she looked "too" Jewish, he was looking at her best friend, Krista (the shiksa.)After a makeover that went wrong she looks like her best friend...

Goodfrog “Navigating the cyber pond with Karrie Kline while Looking for Mr.

Goodfrog leaves one laughing on the outside while your heart is breaking on the inside! offers a fun tour of New York, and readers will welcome the return of her smart narrator.—Publishers Weekly There were many laugh-out-loud parts of this book, and I enjoyed it immensely up until the overlong last 40 pages, in which Miss Graff, the author, seemed to lose momentum and just seemed to want to end her book.

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