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The estimated new growth of timber is about 40.000,000 cubic metres per annum, and Ut^^i P* nual felling somewhat over this iigure. V Import* for tbf support in the House of Common.s for his conduct during the recent .1 ftiii K of the Assembly of thi- League of Nations. TV do if he e\er hears surb a ■proposition.' The Italians already speak most eloquently to all the world in the universal language of music, and their accepted leader dreams dreams of Italy leading the v\i.r|il in all t! No settlement Is expected until Chang Ts O'Un ar- rives BDILIT Rl BOy ND^i Raohrd to Hospliol ^ftrr Khooting. Of this re- source 9.0O(i,0OU hcctarea belong to the ^tatc or to pti Mt O • instittitu 'Ibc dominating species of trees arc pine and lir. however, a somewhat substantial decbiic m the trade returns of the Free State during 192. lumtnnua; They gtiaod nt me a curt Alned wtndew through. The Detroit, paper seems to ihiii U that the most likely universal Uncna/ course, we believe that the ,\merican paper is right, but w-c dread to think what Siffnor Jdttasolini m. m i.-sting at the Thuinaun I'uneral Home, 16^6 Quadra Street, from whaneo tha fu- neral will Uke place on Tkuraday aftamoon at two o'clock, whan the Rev. (TNy Mastaeer Trmitm ta Cenned 'h K rovi M4l that whoa the r. Rall- w,ir rnn » • -^i Mr ha Street its out- 1», lh« I ;,. whilo th.- vaettatlonii ware tak Mi fn ini |ioi"is Pawllne Johnnon Thr pi iy « ih .

The land had been leaaod to the Chin- ese on condition that the i.itt^r drained It and cultivated It properly. (Advt.) Ediior of Catm Han Chmrtkmam Vera t U Tl Ut BBV. Inate.i.i be haj* appointed his chief eubordlnaii- ^enerala to poata of teni- porir . Tha Chamber of Com- merce haa dosed Its doora snd msny police have struck. A hectare is equal to 2.4S acres and the acreage o C timbered country tlitn-forr more tban balf of the wbo U- country. treatment in a lecture before the Royal Society ol Medicine entitled I rom Ca Rlios tro to Coue." Imagination, he ad mits, wai the only method of treat- ment for disc. a original phy Mcian of the 19th cen- tury, and of Kmile Cotte, the protag- ^I^^^ r. The change in the status of Southirn Ireland has made no dif- ference in her dependence on Britain's mirkii^ 'I'hrri- h.i- liern. It must be protjuced from a germ, and just grow, like Topsy. commander of tha Na- tional army troopa, haa rasl ga sd h Ia claim for the time being. Demanda are being made upon merchants for funds snd they are forced to accept worthleos mili- tary notes. negro, attempting to force hi.« way Into a theatre Sunday, he rr ported to Central Station. And note the itiii-honded irel and cdny ■ vin| Ink Gi| hcciarcs ol forest land. ; i i cuttinif to the annual yru« in'mld be able to count on deriving very grett economic advantages from' this policy in the fnturc." Ili AOINATION At Ctl BB Dr. of Paris, has been dealing with the- sui t of imifitt Atlo** •* * method of. the "perfect quack of the 18th century," of David Cruby. he s^a, uses a catch phrase and the rosary, and, dealing with .1 .l.i^s ,.1 patinit, he has achieved remarkable cures and "tnrnrd them into beaming automatic puppets " In the mam, however, l^r. suffsatctl so far is "glossafnefr." ftut- Mi has noe been adopleil Kecfiitlv a pri/e was of fcrcd in Llritaia for a new wora lor the textile, and from among s«»me hundreds ot names scm ' • I '■.(KK). We do not think when that time con*cs the ideas and the news will be flashed t hroti gh the air in a apeciatly created universal languag.- l,an K'ua:^c can- not be made. ' ■ 1 • o • A "norlai Inn Hpet Im IIH In R fov- ,,1,.,. e»itl- mated at appri'Xim.i K-iy \~'n fur 1'That he didn't see the r Maon for this line of aetlon. "I can sound reason In it proposal to lay on the table the .omptroller'a report for 1 «eek. Mail Contractors Our Specialty I'urniturc Moved, Crat ed and Shipped I'ool (". IVairie.s and All Points East We Can v'^av(■ You Time and M iai y i-itgest Vnata the City Phones rsns and 2506 510 Fort Street Koi M nt r Pt oilin t Kiii Ufte Calcined Aluiiite Or Potaaafam luliiteta mm A Ail UUIli JIIIll i ..i Toronto, nlnoty- •i»hi word* I'oi ml Biito: arrwr My «h»mpton. or whatever means af killing may sug- geat luelf to their ever-aetlve Imagl- natlonf*. If ..irricil nut kill man\ nf ' • i ("iiu- nale birdn. l.i Miiieil will pay the coft of the jiolc and equipment. The ..rialnal motion of Alderman Crow n M w ai llien . These delicioui tid«bits arc antiseptic In effect— cooling and cleansing to •ad Ml aid to dif Mllon* Esp€cuxlly fine after flmo Ung I 6 6 1 Wax Wrapped l Af DIAl ^"^^ Clean Sealed l ight WWilil P^^l 9 K«pt CUaa - • • - Shawnigan Lake IDEAL WATERFRONT West Side Twc Ive-Roomed House and About Two Acres Large Vcraoda and Garden The House Is Furnished, Including ? Motor Launch and Four Rowboats Canadian National Railway Passes Rear of Premises ijood Summer Resort Good Winter Hunting Resort Everything at Wondrrfnl U- Low Price of ,200 ARTHUR COLES Victoria, B. 1205 Broad Street Rm I Batata and Imumiect Producers Rock aad Gravel Co., Ltd. I, M-..,nliii'« '» 1 ,.\ ..,..-1 Victoria Baggage Company HAf . MMMla Mi M ttoa Mc Ms The commltt M that haa In hand the propoaitlon for thf fi«« nnd (tt'i*"! The meas- nre u a gemircr-nothing more I ' erythi MR eonnectad with it rul effect upon our et H 'ir i who are aaked to pepper away at iiif m with their alr-guna, sllng-shou.

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