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Soaring 50 storeys high, this huge housing complex is connected by two skyparks. Head to the 50th floor, which is open to the public, and check out the great views of the city and the port.

Valletta plays today an interesting role as a bustling and active admnistrative, commercial, tourist and cultural center, it's not by chance that it has been chosen as European Capital for Culture for 2018.You are also in the middle of a neighbourhood with lots of cafes and little eateries.Cross over to Everton Park opposite the Pinnacle and share some delicious ice cream and waffles at Not your average movie date night, The Projector is an independent cinema that has revived two cinema halls of the historic Golden Theatre on the 5th floor of Golden Mile Tower. Use the Search Above to find businesses in your area, or navigate below to the category of your choise.Romance might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of public housing, but locals will know that the [email protected] is not your average HDB.

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