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The Student Code of Conduct governs student and registered student organization conduct and was established to foster and protect the core missions of the university, to foster scholarly and civic development of university students in a secure learning environment, and to protect the people, properties, and processes that support this university and its core missions.The Code addresses prohibited student and student organization behavior, including sexual misconduct, and outlines the university processes and procedures for alleged violations.Later he focused on interracial relationships and on student-professor relationships.He is the Founding Editor of SEXUALITY AND CULTURE, published by Springer NYC.Thie blog reflects a commitment to the values of liberty, freedom of association, freedom of speech and privacy; such are values that are under increasing attack, both intellectually and policy wise in all too many universities which have embraced a culture of comfort in the framework of a velvet totalitarianism.In addition, the blog at times will go beyond the university and sexual politics to issues that merit our attention.The blog will serve as a major resource on issues relating to consensual student professor sexual/love relationships.For a more visual and sensual blog, see dankprofessor’s Blog reports on and examines sexual politics in higher education with a focus on issues regarding sexual consent, particularly the attempted repression of student-professor consensual sexual relationships.

And it appears that the Work Group report was not criticized by anyone or any entity associated with OSU.

So now in 2008, faculty and students entering OSU can internalize the OSU sexual norms in a bureaucratized and dehumanized framework. If there be passion, love and romance between a student and a professor, it must be a secret love.

And as I am sure we all know, love will survive and is surviving at OSU.

She inspired much of his activism in the area of student professor relationships.

She The dankprofessor welcomes input from blog readers.

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