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My free time these days is split between trolling dating sites for people I know (I SEE YOU EX-BOYFRIEND I TOOK THAT PICTURE AND THAT PICTURE AND THAT PICTURE AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH), peeing on a stick to see whether I’m ovulating (NOT YET. I paid for three months of this so I’m at least here for that long (I… And he has the single-most-important quality I’m looking for in a man: He’s 52 but he looks 41. Last night someone from OKCupid who says he’s AN FBI AGENT ARE YOU KIDDING YES I WANT TO TALK TO YOU texted me. First, if your name is Draper, don’t put it in your profile name.

Which means I have 53 days until my ovaries turn to each other across the vast pink expanse of my uterus, wink at each other, and commence crushing my remaining eggs Kids in the Hall-style. I LIKE A MAN WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS IN A WOMAN AND ISN’T AFRAID TO POST IT IN ROOMS &… A frequent thought these days is, why did my standards have to go up NOW?

So I got fucking snookered into another three months on because I forgot it automatically resubscribes you and charges your credit card. with the wrong email address and discovered my OLD MATCH. And I looked in shock at the exact same bikini picture… Free rent, power, cable, wifi & food [WHAT I WANT]: I’m seeking a non-smoking female that’s probably size 14 or smaller.

Over the weekend I sat next to John Avalos at a café for THREE HOURS and didn’t recognize him until he stood up to leave. But I texted back that I couldn’t talk because I was “in the middle of a writing project.” OH, OK. If you want to make a reference to Don Draper from Mad Men, also don’t put it in your profile name.

I'm sorry.'" But she later got her revenge…"We were all so hot and crabby, Luke was poking at me…just trying to get me to laugh, but what he was doing was really pissing me off.

Just as they were setting up the shot, he mouth off and…Spritzzzz! And nailed him right in the eye." Garth and Perry still remain close friends to this day.7.

Because then the word “raper” is in your profile name.

Forrest has been understandably secretive about when he hid the treasure chest. That story, by the way, was my first exposure to Forrest Fenn and his treasure.

"I grew to like being the older one, and felt really motherly, big-sisterly affection for sweet Amanda, who was so real and down-to-earth and so normal and bubbly and excited by life. It’s the fucking death knell of a snarky blog about online dating. I had a weird realization today: In my 25-year-long wake of exes–which has yet to include a celebrity but THERE’S STILL TIME EVERYONE LOVES A 39-YEAR-OLD GROUPIE–the detritus includes two lawyers, two cops, and two people who went to jail for punching people (not me). I had limited standards from 1991-2013, which meant I dated a LOT. Women, men, bus drivers, television cameramen, cops, firefighters, reporters, photographers, teachers, dog walkers, lawyers, football players, softball players, chefs, writers, landscape designers, musicians, hippies (NOT TOO MANY…For the past four months, Strong Jawline, my current provider of intercourse, has been telling me I’m pretty. In 39 years I’ve been called “striking,” “Mediterranean,” and “similar to Peter Sellers.” Once, thrillingly, I was compared to Tracy Thorn of my favorite ’90s band Everything But the… I’ve been on here a month and a half and I’m still here which tells you something (WHAT DOES IT TELL ME MY LOVE)."And so simple tasks, like going to the grocery store, or the mall, or to get gas, became overwhelming exercises in having to be ‘on' when my natural inclination was to shut down and not interact with anyone.I…began to suffer a level of anxiety that as, at times, nearly paralyzing.

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