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They were coming from Microsoft in Richmond, Washington, because they were through, so we couldn’t tell if they originated in Japan or not.She also told him a cheque was coming from Edmonton from another company, a certified check in his name, and had the owner from that company called him as proof. When I told my client this whole story was likely a scam, and its sole purpose his money, he yelled at me. I asked him, “Why is she asking you for money, after knowing you only for two months.They earn your trust and friendship, they become romantic.They profess intentions of marriage or include you in a business deal.Yesterday a client came to the shop with the tale of another fraud.It started out also as a dating fraud, with a woman my client met on a dating site, but my client didn’t want to date anyone.Gloria’s mother, believing herself in love, was eager to meet her fiance.

However, after chatting for a couple of months by email, and becoming friends, the woman told him she was on a business trip in Japan.

Eager to see him, Gloria’s mother sent him several thousand. Eventually, she’d sent her entire life savings to him.

When she starting asking other family members for money, and even wanted to sell her car to send him that money too, my friend Gloria finally discovered what was going on and was able to help her mother.

When the story’s truth is questioned by an outsider, a friend or relative, or person concerned for you, you get angry. If you have met someone genuinely interested in you, your soulmate, or best friend, and there is a true affection between you, he or she will not let anything stand in the way of getting to know you in person. If money comes into the story, wake up, before your bank account is emptied.

It’s like you are being rudely awakened from a wonderful dream. If you’ve already sent them money don’t beat yourself for being a dupe. Here’s advice from the state department of the United States government about online romance scams and frauds. You are caught up in a scammer’s story and are about to be victimized.

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Gloria’s mother didn’t want to believe the truth, at first, and became angry.

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