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During World War II, when the Soviet troops occupied Poland, the entire Ukrainian territory was reunited.The Ukrainian SSR was a founding member of the UN in 1945, and in 1991, Ukraine became independent.The period between 16 was known as The Ruin in Ukraine, with war fought between Russia and Poland, the Turks, and the Cossacks.Ukraine signed a protection treaty with Russia in 1654, and a peace treaty with in 1686 divided the lands among Russia and Poland.

The channel provides Top News of politics, economy, information about the situation in the zone of the ATO.The Cossacks again revolted in 1768, along with religious conflicts, and the Russian Empire gained control of the region.A nationalist movement grew among the Ukrainians after the Russian Revolution in 1917, and after famine and civil war, Ukraine later became a member of the Soviet Union in 1922.The region became controlled by Poland and Lithuania in the 14th century, and when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was formed in 1569, Ukraine became part of Poland.The peasants of the colony, who were known as Cossacks, began an uprising in 1648, with the Cossack war of independence.

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