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I have been cleared since September and since then the UCI haven’t sent all their paperwork to CAS.”“I don’t know what they’re waiting on because for them it’s apparently a clear case.

It might take until the start of January before we know when the case will reach Lausanne.”The Tinkoff-Saxo rider was provisionally suspended by the UCI in August of this year after anomalies were detected in his biological passport dating back to 20, when he raced for the Astana team. Last week he decided to publish his passport data on his personal website. The data shows that his haematocrit rose at certain points, when it would typically fall and that his reticulocytes remained constantly high during periods of racing.

There’ll be plenty to hold your interest in the interim.

You may recall that the ’07 Tour de France kicked off in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

I understand my profile looks strange but I’ve kept within parameters from the profile data I’ve now seen.”The outcome of Kreuziger’s case is far from being decided.

It’s likely that the case will stretch well into January of 2015 and should he be found guilty of a doping violation he could face anything between a two and four year ban.“I don’t think I can get a four year ban.

Kreuziger's defence relies on his claim that he used the substitute hormone L-Thyroxine as treatment for an under-active thyroid and this affected his blood values.

L-Thyroxine is not on the WADA banned list and does not require a therapeutic use exemption.

Even if I’m banned, even if I’m beaten I know that my conscious is clear because I’ve not doped.Now I know that in cycling that this is a phrase many people have used in the past but inside I’m relaxed with that term.But this case, it’s not just about me now, it’s almost political because of the media stories and what it represents.Speaking exclusively to at the Tinkoff-Saxo training camp in Gran Canaria, Kreuziger was willing to answer questions relating to his data stemming back to his time at Astana, the UCI’s procedures during his case, his relationship with former coach Michele Ferrari, and the possibility of receiving a four-year ban.“WADA and the UCI have until around December 8 to file their appeal,” Kreuziger told “That’s more time that we expected and I don’t like it because I’d like the fastest resolution possible.It’s not easy for me, and for the team because people think I’m suspended but right now I’m cleared by the Czech Olympic committee.

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Still stinging a bit from Team USA’s departure from soccer’s World Cup? The Tour de France begins Saturday in Yorkshire, England, famous for its pudding, terriers and verdant countryside.

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