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According to Shahrazuri, the subject was very forthright in defending the views of philosophers, disputing with the of Aleppo and exposing the limitation of their dogmas. The jurists attributed to him the claim of prophecy; Shahrazuri denies the accuracy of this charge and says that the accusers were motivated by jealousy.

Some defamers attributed to Suhrawardi the practice of magic and sleight of hand, though Shahrazuri says that these were slanders.

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An overview of a twelfth century Iranian philosopher who exercised an unusual eclectic disposition. According to Shahrazuri, he tended to maintain silence, keeping aloof from outside contact.

Suhrawardi was now stigmatised as a danger to religion.

Saladin then requested his son to carry out the dire prescription.

According to Shahrazuri, the victim was shut in a room and denied food and drink.

The same source reports different versions of his death, including the sword and strangulation.

Yet "Ibn Shaddad, Saladin's , which means "the murdered." Differing estimates of his age at death varied from 36 to 50, though the lower ones are generally favoured. (6) In his biography of Saladin, Ibn Shaddad describes Suhrawardi as the "Sufi" and as the "youth Suhrawardi," indicating a less than senior age.

At Mardin he studied with Fakhr al-Din al-Mardini (d. The rare "Aristotelian Sufi" vocation appears to be a key to the role of the main subject, though generally ignored in commentaries. Shahrazuri tells of his extreme austerities and his spiritual powers, yet he is not recognised by most Sufi writers and biographers as one of them....

At Isfahan he studied under the obscure Zahir al-Farisi, with whom he read a distinctive book on logic composed by Ibn Sahlan al-Sawi (d. The young Suhrawardi afterwards journeyed to Anatolia, where he stayed for some years.

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3) However, Suhrawardi is not known to have mentioned Christianity, although the basic drift of his approach was against doctrinal insularity.

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