Policies practices and procedures for validating invoices

Sub-contract invoices must be sent to [email protected] supplier and remittance address must be verified by running the Workday Find Suppliers – Yale – Departmental report and verify the Supplier exists as well as the Supplier Connection that matches the remit to address on the invoice Payment Methods A Yale supplier will be paid via SUA (single use account), automated clearing house/electronic funds transfer (ACH/EFT, also known as direct deposit), or check (listed in order of preference).Determine Whether the Invoice Should be Sent to Accounts Payable When the department receives an invoice from a Supplier, ensure that an actual invoice and not a statement has been received.If a copy or faxed invoice is presented for payment, determine whether the invoice has already been submitted for payment using the following methods: When an invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable, ensure that the Supplier and remittance address are set up in Workday.Relationship of the Invoice to the Purchasing Method Depending on the method used to purchase goods or services, the Supplier’s invoice may or may not match a standard or standing purchase order (PO).Use the table below to determine how to submit the invoice for payment.Wire transfers are typically for foreign payments only.

This approval allows Accounts Payable to release the invoice for payment. Determining if Supplier Setup Request is Necessary 4. Departments receive invoices from suppliers who are unaware of Yale’s invoice submission best practices. Determining if Invoices Received by Departments Should be Sent to Accounts Payable 3. PO Box 208228New Haven, CT 06520 Invoices sent by mail take longer to be received for processing and cannot be tracked until scanned into invoice processing system.If invoices are held for extended periods in a department, the University’s relationship with the supplier may be compromised and other departments may not be able to receive goods or services until the invoices are cleared.Suppliers often communicate directly with Accounts Payable regarding their payments, and Accounts Payable cannot assist the supplier if it is not aware of the invoices in question.

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The transaction will remain a commitment in Workday until the next daily settlement run occurs and the payment has been processed.

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