Policies practices and procedures for validating invoices

If invoices are held for extended periods in a department, the University’s relationship with the supplier may be compromised and other departments may not be able to receive goods or services until the invoices are cleared.Suppliers often communicate directly with Accounts Payable regarding their payments, and Accounts Payable cannot assist the supplier if it is not aware of the invoices in question.Determine the Invoice Status Departments must review invoices received and approve for payment.

Supplier Invoice Submissions In accordance with University best practices, Suppliers should be instructed to submit invoices directly to Accounts Payable via email.Relationship of the Invoice to the Purchasing Method Depending on the method used to purchase goods or services, the Supplier’s invoice may or may not match a standard or standing purchase order (PO).Use the table below to determine how to submit the invoice for payment.When that happens, there are several steps the department must take prior to submitting the invoice for payment.Additionally, the department should instruct the supplier to submit future invoices directly to Accounts Payable, as outlined in Section 1 above.

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