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One of the most prolific of the new school is Joshua Gonnerman who is studying for a Ph D at Catholic University in Washington DC.He, too, believes in gay-exceptionalism; there are many things he finds valuable about his experience of being gay, and considers that same-sex desire can be a gift to the Church, a sign of contradiction.This is why married men and priests who form intimate friendships with women often lose their way and ruin their vocations.Experts at lay celibacy include the Numeraries of Opus Dei.She began one provocative column at First Things quoting gay playwright Larry Kramer who told a television audience at the Tony Awards in 2011 that gays “are a very special people, an exceptional people, and that our day will come.” Scalia answered, “… Perhaps homosexuals are in fact ‘special and exceptional others,’ whose distinctions are meant to be noted.Perhaps they are a ‘necessary other’ created and called to play a specific role in our shared humanity.” Note the careful triple “perhaps,” a columnist’s way of taking something off the fastball but throwing a strike nonetheless.

But here they are playing with the hottest of fires.Elizabeth Scalia, who is not gay, came to prominence under the nom de blog The Anchoress and is now the editor of the Catholic portal at Patheos.Her brother was gay and died from AIDs and she is perhaps the Momma Bear of the New Homophiles.Scalia usually treads lightly but surely on the question of homosexuality.She likely understands how difficult this new message is for the kind of Catholics who read her.

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