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As they watch video snippets about the candidate's life and listen to him exchange banter with the witty host, the women decide whether to keep their podium lights on or switch them off, effectively dropping out of the running.(Of course there are other twists and turns to the elimination process, described here.)So how did I first get mixed up in this dating show phenomenon?These days I rarely catch more than a short playback of a football game, but I routinely join friends for competitive games of badminton.I wear my coat in the office and drink hot water when I'm cold rather than complaining about the lack of proper heat (personal network).He literally needed an inventory of luxury goods for future relationships.

If selected, I'll be the first American Caucasian female to compete, which could prove interesting since Caucasian female/Chinese male relationships are rare and sometimes thought of as rather taboo by parents who stereotype Western females as provocative.

For comparison's sake, America's popular dating show pulls 21% of the national population.

The program is produced by Jiangsu Broadcasting, but like all Chinese television shows, it's ultimately controlled by the government.

While waiting for my turn at the audition, another woman who was there to compete sat down next to me, asking why I wanted to be on the show. She asked about the level and currency of my salary, suggesting that as a foreigner, I must be a high earner of US dollars.

(She was wrong.) The dating show audition was far from my first run-in with China’s materialistic dating world.

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