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(So far, foreign candidates on past shows have included British and American men in the bachelor role and one Filipino-American woman.) What I know now is that I've basically passed the audition, but the producers are still deliberating over whether I can appear on the show as part of a tag-team duo -- despite speaking some broken Mandarin, I'd need my friend to stand beside me on stage and act as a translator.

Still, no Chinese mother should fear my presence on the show just yet.

He literally needed an inventory of luxury goods for future relationships.

In some relationships, men offer their significant other an “allowance” each month, even when the men are already living on minimal salaries.

The barrier that stands between me and finding love on a cheesy reality show comes down to finances. Having worked and lived a non-traditional expat life in China since 2009, I have integrated into the culture so much that some of my American roots have seemingly disappeared.

I eat the local food daily, shop in wet markets, have learned to eat any part of any animal, and even use chopsticks in my own home.

But as my friend translated the personal information form at the audition, it became evident that money was a major theme.I even comfortably integrated into my friend’s non-English speaking family for the week of Chinese New Year in her hometown of Jilin, a small Tier 3 city.I joined in games of ping-pong, shopped for fireworks, and prepared dumplings and numerous family dinners. Some concepts remain incomprehensible to me no matter how hard I try to grasp them.), China’s most famous dating show and one of China’s most popular television shows in general.So popular it's watched by roughly 300 million people -- the entire population of the US -- each week.

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