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There was a lot of money in medicine as well as a lot of ridiculousness and sometimes incredibly dangerous claims in the way they were marketed.For example one of these miracle cures was pitched as a cure for exhaustion and headache relief. It sort of worked on the headache and as for exhaustion; well I’m sure you can figure that part out.With the facility for mass production now in place coupled with access to markets years’ earlier production for brands could now reach and produce for almost anyone.There was a lot of competition for the populace’s attention, so brands needed a means to distinguish themselves from their competitors, which led them to develop the concept of the unique selling position (USP).By the 60’s we see a change in the naming of the product.Sometimes it would develop into the mission statement or in other cases deceiving the public completely by playing on their stereo types.

Of those favoured by the English royal family, these Pitchmen were granted patents to make and sell their medicines to and in America.

Another medicine that made it its way to market contained pepsin as its main ingredient and was sold as a cure for stomach relief.

Years later it would go on to become Coca-Cola’s main competitor.

This was seen by the chief at Philip Morris Cigarette Company who was having a terrible time trying to sell his brand of cigarettes which were aimed at women.

In a moment he pictured Clarence as the face of his brand, repackaged the cigarettes, aiming them this time at men and thus the Malboro Man was born.

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