Principles dating sedimentary rocks

Kant and Schiller both assert that "A myth does not represent debasement, or a sinking down from original perfection, not a victory of sensuality over reason, but on the contrary, it manifests the advancement of a man from a state of comparative rudeness to freedom and civilization." I am not in accord with these ideas because common reasoning tells me the case should be reversed. James Churchward, The Sacred Symbols Of Mu (First Published in 1933, Reprinted 1992), p. D., 03/24/13]"Strange as it may seem, the laws of physics suggest that immediately after the Big Bang, all the matter suddenly created should have been obliterated by an equal amount of antimatter, the strange and slightly distorted mirror image of normal matter." [Based on: THE DARK AGES BEGIN When the cosmos was about 400,000 years old, it had cooled to about the temperature of the surface of the Sun, allowing subatomic particles to combine for the first time into atoms.

Fully ninety-nine percent of the myths are traceable to legends. History is a record of facts, so that myths instead of "manifesting advancement" manifest a retrogression; for they show that history, a part of civilization, is being forgotten. 24-25]*Trivia: "[....] God is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe. The last burst of light from the Big Bang shone forth at that time; it is still detectable today [2006] in the form of a faint whisper of microwaves streaming from all directions in space.

The following timeline offers a "framework" for world history, with the objective of isolating a generic outline of prevalent information to fashion an adequate "launchpad" for future discovery.

In some places the "puzzle pieces" appear out of place, twisted, or more or less contrasted with reality.The Archeozoic began between 4 and 5 billion years ago when the formation of the Earth was taking place.During this era, the earliest recorded rocks were formed.Their radiation in turn burned through the remaining shrouds of hydrogen, bringing the dark ages to a close"Scientists have just found [2006] the most energy-efficient engines in the universe - black holes, those whirling super-dense centers of galaxies that suck in nearly everything.The jets of energy spurting from older ultra-efficient black holes also seem to be playing a crucial role as zoning cops in large galaxies, preventing too many stars from sprouting, according to scientists using NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

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