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These include Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie and Amber Heard – all dazzling, daring women that the public cannot quite reckon with.

Cross is a highly intelligent, rational man who holds his emotions in check.In the 1980s, Glenn Close’s character in was storied as having “borderline personality disorder” (BPD).She was seen as the ultimate femme fatale, a slave to her sexual passions and murderous impulses and a danger to men and marriage in contrast to Anne Archer’s loyal, betrayed and terribly dull wife.BPD is a diagnostic category populated overwhelmingly by women, narcissism more with masculinity.Just as women with a diagnosis of BPD are characterised as having a reckless relationship with emotions they could or should be able to control, men with narcissistic traits are seen both in the public imagination and psychiatric nosology as too self-centred, too lacking in empathy, too obsessed with conquer at all costs.

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