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If Angela made any kind of mistake here, the HSM’s tamper detection could have tripped and the machine could very well have bricked itself, and if that happens, Dark Army’s stage 2 attack via firmware will not work.I guess we’ll find out next week how successful she was.In order for this firmware update to be accepted as legitimate, however, it presumably needs to be digitally signed or certified.It’s E-Corp’s HSM that plays a key role in that certification, which is why Angela needs access to it. Malware dropped on infected systems by Emotet so far include: It’s the equivalent of dropping a cluster bomb of mines onto a target, some will explode right away because of people not watching what they are doing.

It’s possible that Emotet’s ability to download and execute other payloads is currently being used to deploy geotargeted payloads.This week’s episode marks the half-way point for season 3 of Mr. After last week’s episode I thought this week we’d have very little computer security intrigue to talk about, but even with enough plot twists to make my head spin, the show writers have given us some interesting concepts to discuss.So indeed, first-scene-elevator-guy, WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD – SCROLL DOWN TO READ ON Security is notorious for its love of TLAs (three letter acronyms — sorry), and this episode featured one a few times: HSM, short for hardware security module.Sophos Labs has seen a surge in Emotet cases in the past week and has blocked it from customer computers.Its payload is a form of banking Trojan designed to steal a user’s online banking details.

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