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However, with so many differing opinions presenting themselves, how can one sort out the "truth" for one's self?Does the scientific method support one position over the others? Most extinctions are caused by destroying the organisms' preferred environments. Getting all the animals aboard the Ark presents logistical problems which, while not impossible, are highly impractical. Since there were likely more animals to load, the time pressures would have been even worse. However, on the ark "kind" must have meant something closer to species for three reasons: What kinds were aboard the ark? One example, the Joggins section along the Bay of Fundy, shows a continuous section 2750 meters thick (along a 48-km sea cliff) with multiple in-place forests, some separated by hundreds of feet of strata, some even showing evidence of forest fires. For other examples, see Dawson, 1868; Cristie & Mc Millan, 1991; Gastaldo, 1990; Yuretich, 1994.] Creationists point to logs sinking in a lake below Mt. Helens as an example of how a flood can deposit vertical trunks, but deposition by flood fails to explain the roots, the soil, the layering, and other features found in such places. If the geologic record was deposited in a year, then the events it records must also have occurred within a year. Organisms have preferred environments outside of which they are at a deadly disadvantage. If only 15764 animals were aboard the Ark (see section 3), one animal must have been loaded every 38 seconds, without letup. The sediments are so fine that each layer would have required over a month to settle. Stratigraphic sections showing a dozen or more mature forests layered atop each other--all with upright trunks, in-place roots, and well-developed soil--appear in many locations. It's entirely possible that a global flood occurred 4000 years ago or even last Thursday, and that God subsequently erased all the evidence, including our memories of it. Abrupt increase in Greenland snow accumulation at the end of the Younger Dryas event. And yet despite this, the chemical properties of the rock are neatly layered, with great changes (e.g.) in percent carbonate occurring within a few centimeters in the vertical direction. Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 132: 5-23. Some creationists provided even more detailed models, and these are also addressed (see especially sections 5 and 7). Second, the whole story can be dismissed as a series of supernatural miracles. However, one must wonder about a God who reportedly does one thing and then arranges every bit of evidence to make it look like something else happened. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 103 (1-2): 67-71. If we grant 400 days for this to settle, and ignore possible compaction since the Flood, we still have 15 meters of sediment settling per day. Extraterrestrial impact events: the record in the rocks and the stratigraphic record. In fact, observations like these are what made various people start to ponder various evolutionary ideas well before Darwin came on the scene.

Certainly, the theory of evolution did seem to explain a great deal of what we see happening in the natural world.However, many other animals, particularly land arthropods, must also have been on the ark for two reasons: Were dinosaurs and other extinct animals on the ark? Institute for Creation Research, Santee, California. Koalas, for example, require eucalyptus leaves, and silkworms eat nothing but mulberry leaves. At these temperatures, much of the atmosphere would boil off the Earth. According to the Bible, Noah took samples of all animals alive at the time of the Flood. For thousands of plant species (perhaps even most plants), there is at least one animal that eats only that one kind of plant. Aside from losing its atmosphere, Earth can only get rid of heat by radiating it to space, and it can't radiate significantly more heat than it gets from the sun unless it is a great deal hotter than it is now. Human theories may be backed up by a greater or lesser degree of evidence, but, like all human attempts to search out truth, no one and no theory has ever achieved absolute perfection in any aspect of human knowledge concerning the external world.So, if a person or group presents one particular faith or theory as better than any other faith or theory, they have to be able to back this position up with testable reasons that make better predictions concerning an observation (i.e., with the use of the scientific method).

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  1. The ratio varies slightly depending on the temperature of the surrounding water, as well as other factors such as the water's salinity, and the volume of water locked up in ice sheets. Based on the simplifying assumption that the signal can be attributed to temperature change alone, with the effects of salinity and ice volume change ignored, Epstein et al.

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