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I witnessed JJ doing extra on all the things, after trainings, countless times.

I have sort of weird squishy moral compunctions about using my internet stalking skills for evil, and while I tend to think that promoting attention for ladies' football is a win for the side of light, I can also see the argument for not speculating about the sexuality of people who are not officially out to the world at large. And then along with Christie Rampone, she became the first American to lift the Women's World Cup championship trophy in 16 years.Emotional: Abby Wambach, a record-breaking goal scorer, kissed her wife Sarah Huffman in a euphoric and touching moment after winning the World Cup in the last international soccer match of her career After being the catalyst, the one scoring the goals for so many years for the United States in the biggest matches, Wambach was 'sitting my rear-end on the bench,' during an electric first half where the Americans built a 4-1 lead on the strength of a hat trick from captain Carli Lloyd.'To be quite honest, I felt like I was in a dream sitting there on the bench watching Carli Lloyd go off and I'm so proud to be on this team and proud to be a part of something that in my opinion is really special,' Wambach said.'It wasn't just Carli Lloyd that won us this World Cup - although tonight showed us, our semifinal showed us that she's a huge reason why we have this World Cup title - it's the depth of this team and the ability of making those subs in the pivotal moments of certain games.Rodriguez chipped in from 16 yards out to take the early lead.USA 1, MEX 0 (SEE GOAL) USA – Megan Rapinoe 37th minute: Rapinoe’s quick restart to Meghan Klingenberg caught Mexico’s defense off guard.

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They nearly connected, but Solo left her line and secured the ball in front of a sliding Mayor at the top of the box.

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  1. The figure is higher in more sparsely-populated areas and lower in cities. For college graduates, about 28 percent of those who are married attended the same college, according to the Facebook survey. Online dating is becoming incredibly common: A survey by Pew in 2013 found that 11 percent of American adults and 38 percent of those who were "single and looking" for a partner had used online dating sites or mobile dating apps. In the map below by Jonathan Soma, the size of the blue dots indicates the relative excess in each city of bachelors ages 20 to 34. 19, same-sex marriage was legal in 36 states and D. In a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, for example, almost a third of Americans said different religious beliefs present a major problem for a marriage or romantic relationship, while 17 percent said the same for different political views.

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