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Alongside him in the chafing-dish trenches are aspiring comedienne Casey (Lizzy Caplan), wannabe screenwriter Roman (Martin Starr), untalented actor-singer-model Kyle (Ryan Hansen), and catering captain “Ron” Donald (Ken Marino), whose life goal is to own his own Soup R’ Crackers franchise.Samantha What: A sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a 30-year-old real-estate exec whose life as a bitchy-cosmopolitan type is upheaved when a hit-and-run leaves her with amnesia.Caustic as sulfuric acid, this new Hulu original series is neatly summed up when bitter TV recapper Julie Kessler (Julie Klausner) says to her bae, bitterer wannabe-comic Billy Epstein (Billy Eichner), “I’m so funny when I write mean things about TV shows. ” And Billy replies, “Because our lives are garbage and it’s the world’s fault.” Self-obsession isn’t just Difficult People’s milieu; it’s a jumping-off point for mining the minutiae of our pop-culture-drenched lives and, ultimately, for illustrating that failure is the stuff that really makes us interesting (and probably insufferable, too).

A pre–Parks & Rec Adam Scott stars as Henry Pollard, a barely-was actor in L. who returns to event catering after his showbiz career goes nowhere.And no show has ever embodied that desideratum like Cheers, a sitcom as cozy as it was zany and as brilliant as it was puerile.You’re pretty much guaranteed to have more fun staying in with Sam Malone and his regulars than you are going out to an actual bar.They killed Kenny on every episode for the show’s first five seasons, but seriously, can anything kill South Park?For nearly 20 years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s crudely animated, crudely everythinged cartoon has lampooned the macro (organized religion) and micro (shit, both the word and the fecal matter itself) in American society (which may be the key way it supersedes the show it owes so much to, The Simpsons, which has always remained content to spoof the small stuff). Occasionally there are TV shows you think back on like the one that got away, so reliable and sophisticated and funny were they …

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