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Do keep in mind that many employers have a policy in place which details disciplinary action which may be taken prior to an employee being fired.

However, constant use of the Internet or office equipment for personal matters is a no-no. Taking Too Much Time Off: If you're always late, frequently take sick days, or go beyond all your vacation days, employers will notice.

There is a very substantial list of reasons why dating a porn actress would possibly be one of the most awesome things to happen in your life.

For starters, you can get that “My other ride is a porn star” bumper sticker you always wanted to slap on your Jetta!

Also, keep in mind that a job termination is different from a lay-off, which takes place when an employee is let go because of a lack of work.10 Reasons Employees Can Get Fired Take a look at some of the most common reasons that employees can get fired from their jobs.

Consider this a list of "what not to do" and avoid making these mistakes at all costs. Damaging Company Property: You know that scene in the movie where three employees destroy the printer?

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There are many reasons that companies fire employees.

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