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This study, therefore, set out to examine specifically how children themselves view the nature and relationship of mobile phones and risk in their everyday lives and how they reflexively construct their own life biographies. This paper draws the data to address the issues of risk and reflexivity and examines the main concepts of responsibility and trust.

Childhood has recently attracted much attention within social science and there has been a tremendous increase in interest in the study of children and young people (James, Jenks, & Prout, 1998). Space invaders: the negotiation of teenage boundaries through the mobile phone.

The mobile phone has become embedded in children’s social worlds in late modernity and the research presented here explored the unique viewpoints of contemporary young people in relation to the social changes associated with the rapid development of mobile phone use in their everyday lives.

The concept of risk is directly bound to reflexive modernization becoming increasingly individualized and this structural change resulting in further uncertainty (Beck, 1992).

The children in the research were reflexive in their understanding of risk and mobile phones and actively managed risk through their mobile phone use.

Their accounts highlight the complex, multifarious relationships of the heterogeneous networks of the technical, the social and the natural that constitute children's everyday lives.

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