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And Joan is a secret wild child chafing under her mothers watchful eye.

So when Lolas quiet world shatters and her hopes seem out of reach for good, Joan has the perfect consolation in mind.

In the stunning climax of New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroes Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart series, the tensionand the heatreach unforgettable heights as two restless women go after the ultimate satisfaction . And between Joans selfish husband and Lolas hateful, demanding relatives, the hotter these ladies secret activities get, the more they craveand the more reckless they become.

With nothing to lose, the two will do everything and anything to lock down Mr. Online-dating an endless line of wealthy, no-strings-attached lovers is the perfect escape from their unfulfilling lives.

The Houston Post on The Upper Room Monroes literary canvas is painted with broad strokes, with verve and humor and passion.

Christian Science Monitor on The Upper Room Mama Ruby fans, this is The Upper Room prequel youve been waiting for!

But theres no escape when Lolas vicious relatives cheat her out of everything thats hers, and Joans husband pulls a devastating betrayal. For two restless women looking for satisfaction, too much of a good thing is never enougheven as a lethal passion closes in Best friends Lola Poole and Joan Proctor-Riley have finally found the love and excitement theyve always longed for.

Lola came from a loving home, even though it included her fathers live-in mistress.Publishers Weekly on The Upper Room Magnificent, coarse, funny and terrifying.The San Francisco Chronicle on The Upper Room Warm, energetic, and charming.The fun only ended when their swindle nearly got them killed.Now theyre grown, but theyre still longing for every womans dream of love and excitement Joan is unhappily married, while Lola is done with putting her life on hold for her selfish relatives demands.

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