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I agree that sarcasm probably isn’t the most attractive personality trait, but I wouldn’t say I get annoyed when I see it in profiles. I think they erroneously believe that sarcasm is anything other than what it is – criticism.

It sounds like what bothers you is that you feel frustrated that these women are seeking a characteristic that you don’t possess. People often conflate a lot of personality traits or preferences unknowingly.

Well, as an Alpha-Male, I’m obliged to pop that bubble (again) with a sledge-hammer and tough love: Quit the sarcasm!!

And it should be clearly stated that Femi-Nazism (Feminism) is squarely to be blamed for corrupting the minds of women, by forging an anti-men agenda: “Rebel against the evil men”.

A popular genre where women make this grave mistake is in online dating services. But if you want a lasting crack at that hot guy you’ve been desiring: consider my above 3 points, and you’re sure to see instant changes in your personal life and online.

They say things that they think make them sound attractive but actually cast them in a negative light. The problem is that many people don’t know the line. What we hear: I’m closed off or somehow unavailable Saying that you’re comfortable on your own or that you don’t need a partner makes you sound detached and aloof.

If they were the same thing, almost every dating site on the planet wouldn’t differentiate between the two by offering both as a preferred body type. What they say: If you don’t know what that means you can Google it What we hear: Jump through that hoop, bitch Let’s get something straight. What they say: I just moved here from (insert foreign country) What we hear: I’m only here temporarily/I’m looking for a green card If you’re here on a temporary visa or your company is sponsoring you, then say that.

I don’t give enough of a shit about you to toggle over to Google to search for some obscure reference in your profile. You should also mention whether or not you plan on setting down roots here.

A better way to communicate this is that you’re passionate about things that you feel strongly about.

What we hear: I’m looking for someone who makes a lot of money or brings a level of status to the table. Nowadays, many women use these descriptors because they just want to meet a guy who is employed and paying his way.

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