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For the first time, the international best-selling PRINCESS books are available in a boxed set.

IT ALL BEGAN WITH PRINCESS, called "Absolutely riveting..." by People Magazine.

DAUGHTERS continues the extraordinary story of Princess Sultana.

Gripping and personal, DAUGHTERS recounts the lonely battle of a Princess who is attempting to secure freedoms for her daughters.

^ Back to Top ^ The reaction to the presence of the female Allied soldiers in the Persian Gulf war brought worldwide attention to the lowly status of women in Arabia.

Incredibly, the Saudis imposed their restrictions of Muslim women on their non-Muslim women defenders, as well.

This first book in the trilogy describes the life of Princess Sultana, a princess in the royal house of Saudi Arabia where she lives in a "gilded cage" with no freedom and no control over her own life.

As with PRINCESS and PRINCESS SULTANA'S DAUGHTERS, the reader is compelled to read just one more page, one more chapter, once they begin reading this Arabian nightmare.

But when her nephews are caught committing an unspeakable act against a 12-year-old girl, Sultana is galvanized into action.

Risking her personal status and wealth, she takes a stand against the complacency of her male relatives over the child's fate.

Public debate on the irony of liberated, democratic men and women defending a government that espoused such restrictions for women caused widespread consternation and commentary.

Around the world, the idea begin to form that one positive result of the war would be the loosening of the social customs that keeps Saudi Arabian women relegated to the dark ages. In the aftermath of the war, because of tightened restrictions on women imposed by the now more powerful religious men, the plight of these women actually worsened.

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