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But with characters venturing to distant realms including the moon, the sun, and strange planets and islands, it has a surprising amount in common with modern sci-fi novels and films.

But some question whether it is really the first ever example of the genre.

Onscreen, the cockpit is a slick, dimly lit, metallic space boudoir, an oblique glimpse of a distant, sexy future. I tell him how surprised I was by the view through the eye of the camera. It’s for my angles, because I know how I want to shoot it.” After seven months of storyboarding, Besson has every one of the movie’s hundreds of shots in his head.Yet, his movies feel like more than just cliché potboilers.When crops up on cable, as it seems to every six hours or so, you don’t click past it.Margaret Atwood has said that she considers it one of the great-great-grandparents of modern utopian science fiction, having strongly influenced Thomas More's Utopia, Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels and HG Wells's The Time Machine.Critics and Bible scholars disagree over whether the final book of the Bible is a premonition of the end of the world, a foretelling of the fall of the Roman Empire, or something else altogether.

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