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The only certainties are that it was made in Japan and it first appeared in the early 1960s.

The TP-241 seems to be one of only two products bearing the Ehrcorder name (the other was a semi pro tape recorder, possibly dating from the late 70s), and unusually, the 241 doesnt appear under any other guises.

If anyone has any more information please let me know.

Predictably the TP-241 suffered the same fate as almost every other reel-to-reel tape recorder, small and large, from that era, and that was an almost total wipeout following the appearance of the Philips Compact Cassette format in 1963.

As cheap mini tape recorders from the early sixties go the Ehrcorder TP-421 is fairly unremarkable, except that this one, and a few others like it are still here and often in good working order.

Its a real survivor and thats largely due to the uncomplicated, robust design.

Other problems can and do occur, though, and the most common fault is failure of the electrolytic capacitors on the tiny amplifier board.

Fortunately almost anyone handy with a screwdriver and soldering iron can swap them for modern replacements, costing just a few pence, in about half an hour.

Vast numbers of reel-to-reel machines must have disappeared into landfill and small cheap models like the TP-241 were almost certainly the first to go.

In fact most people regarded them as rather exotic, expensive, big, heavy and difficult to use.

However, the real problem was the price, and the simple reason that apart from the odd radio program there wasnt much worth recording On the other hand mini tape recorders like the TR-241 were cheap enough to be playthings, for kids of all ages.

The case and everything else that came with it had been well looked after by the original polystyrene packing, and for once it hadnt reacted with the mic and earphone cables, which can melt into the foam.

A quick word on sound quality, and yes, by current standards it is awful, noisy and incapable of recoding anything other than speech.

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