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The monthly Science Museum's Lates evening is always worth a punt.The heady mix of technology, live entertainment, booze in the galleries and no kids makes for a memorable and cheap night out.Best of all, it's adults only, meaning, no pesky things known as kids are allowed in. We and a couple of friends decided to check out October's Science Museum Lates, which happened to coincide with Halloween.After braving the freezing October evening and large queues (who would know science would be so popular? In addition to the normal Science Museum stuffs, the day also hosted special science of alcohol events and lectures where visitors learned about this history of gin, sake tasting and brewing your own ginger beer.Tonight's late opening is themed around the science of sport (for reasons we don't need to explain).Special events include an in-house sports day in which visitors can compete.Queues can stretch round the block close to opening time.

For those who want an unusual experience, there’s the opportunity to don a cockroach costume for an unconventional tour of the museum.Each month, curators also produce a suggested route for a Walking Tour of selected venues.In addition to the many culinary hotspots of East London, delicious food is served in the Whitechapel Gallery Café/Bar and Dining Room.Science Museum does a neat free event at the end of the month called the Science Museum (duh) Lates.It's an evening dedicated to all things entertainment and science.

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Tonight's Late is themed around the future, looking ahead to what we might expect from science, engineering and technology.

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