Scottish marriage and dating customs

Other wedding rituals such as the Highland custom of 'creeling the bridegroom', involved the groom carrying a large creel or basket filled with stones from one end of a village to the other.

He continued with this arduous task until such times as his bride to be would come out of her house and kiss him.

In this respect, little has changed over 800 years - maybe apart from the dress code and the type of beer on tap.

When the wedding celebrations were over, the married couple would then leave to spend the night in their new home.

Local musicians led by pipers would get the dancing started and tradition has it that the first dance, normally a reel, would involve the newly wed couple.

Following on from their efforts, the rest of the guests would then dance all the way into the sma' hours.

Back then the medieval Celtic church would proclaim the 'banns of marriage' for three successive Sundays.

The piper, in full Highland dress, stands at the church door and plays as the guests arrive.

Later he leads the couple from the church to the car.

Only if she did, would his friends allow him to escape from the ‘creeling’ otherwise he had to continue until he had completed the circuit of the town.

In more modern times, a lot of the superstition and rituals have been replaced by more showpiece proceedings.

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