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One in which the priest would address the party in Scots dialect and lead a ceremony outside the church.

Whilst the more formal Latin mass and nuptial ceremony would take place inside.

This practice of announcing a forthcoming marriage lasted for 600 years - until in the latter years of the 20th century it became standard to 'give notice of intent' to a registry office several weeks before the intended event.

Following on from the formal church ceremony, a piper or group of pipers would frequently lead the entire group of guests down the streets, often to a relative's house, for a non-stop night of celebration, feasting and enjoyment.

Scotland always seems to do things in it's own way and style - and a Scottish wedding is no exception to the rule.

In the 21st century, the Scottish wedding is an intricate blend of ancient highland tradition mixed in with modern, streamlined rites.

Other wedding rituals such as the Highland custom of 'creeling the bridegroom', involved the groom carrying a large creel or basket filled with stones from one end of a village to the other.

He continued with this arduous task until such times as his bride to be would come out of her house and kiss him.

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However, many of today's traditions still hark back to the past.

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