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The crown is a result of a lot of passion, dedication and hard work and tends to draw awe and attention.But while reveling in the joy of the love it brings, I am extremely aware of the responsibility that comes with it.Two, I lay a lot of stress on reading, communication skills and being aware of what's happening in the world around me.A beauty queen should be well rounded to not only be a voice for herself and her country but for people all over the world.While experience does not automatically translate into victory, it definitely made me calmer, gave me more gravitas and made me more self-aware.Who was your role model behind stepping into the world of beauty pageants?What is the one thing you would like to say to young girls who aspire to be Miss Diva?To all the young girls who might be reading this, you are beautiful in your own way.

You have participated in pageants before, did that make you more confident to win the title this time around when you were competing with the other contestants?

It was in these vulnerable moments, that I gathered myself together again, meditated, and channeled my energies to what was most important, focusing on myself.

What qualities of a beauty queen do you believe you have always had in you?

It was this vision of leveraging my title to the fullest that pushed me to step in the world of beauty pageants than any one particular role model.

Did you face any moment of disappointment with yourself during the pageant journey, and how did you overcome it?

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My strategy has always been very simple - to push myself to be a better person each day, to remain calm and confident, and to only focus on myself.

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