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I am trying to figure out the angle and where the scam was going to come in. Pretty bummed because as a full time student I really needed a job!! THEY MESSED WITH THE WRONG PERSON I WILL TELL YOU THAT MUCH. So I spend a few minutes which I will never get back creating a yahoo( which I'm totally a gmail user) this is the conversation i had with this scammer: Me: yes go on . Me: OK alishawilliams10: Here's the company website ( I wanted to see what's it about because it said pays 27$hr. I was so excited but I knew it was too good to be true. e.washington4: Well I found out that you are a scam artist. e.washington4: The more we talked yesterday, the more they are able to track down the culprit based on the machine you're using. Raymond Randy: You are talking sh*t e.washington4: Congratulations Raymond Randy: Thank you but i must say you are big clown and you are not ready to make a living Last message received on 4/29 at AM e.washington4: You're not even making a living. HARD WORKING PEOPLE OR PEOPLE TRYING TO GET EMPLOYED! I contacted yahoo and took actions also I give that person a piece of my mind before blocking them . Raymond Randy: The company would like to issue out the check for your working materials to you and you will be receiving it this week I hope that won't be an issue ?Compensation is /hr and /hr [email protected](Fake email) Got a text from "Paul Hunt" with SUNSEA telecommunication.Was obviously a scam after doing a bit of searching on linked-in and the company website (i didn't remember applying to any job with this company) I never responded to the text so dont have anymore info.

The job posting was for an administrative assistant and it said immediate hire paying .50 an hour.Position: Administrative Assistant Pay: .50 Per/ hr Bonus & Compensation Negotiable.All Company details, Job description, Salary and compensation will also be given to you.When he told me I needed to purchase my work materials, I told him that this is not how people get hired for job and told him I was reporting him to the FBI and hung up.Dear Applicant, Your resume was review via Indeed, I am emailing you on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Operation Corp (career desk). you are to go through the attach file thoroughly, that will give you more information about the company and job position after all.

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