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The police asks Anna to tell them about the altercation she had with Seb on the morning of his accident.She admits that she lost her temper, but is normally a very calm person.David tells them that he's thinking of asking Shona to move in with him.Maria thinks that's a very big step, and Audrey thinks Shona might now want to.Craig is anxiously watching the clock before he leaves for work.Chesney comes downstairs as Sinead is pouring cornflakes into a bowl, and tells her that he is going to take Joseph out for a special breakfast and suggests that Sinead goes and gets him up.The police officer thinks that Anna could have been in the solicitor's office while Seb was cleaning the window and she pushed him. Gemma thought she was getting her results today, but Rita assures her that it's tomorrow, then she leaves them, saying she fancies having some time to herself.Anna tells them she's never been anywhere near that office. Jenny goes on into the cafe for breakfast, but Gemma stays on the pavement watching Rita walk over to the taxi office, and looks puzzled.

They tell Gail that Bethany has decided to stay on with Uncle Stephen for a while.

Chesney starts trying to put Joseph's shoes on but he won't let him, and runs off upstairs.

Ches then tells Sinead to look after him, he'll go on his own to the school, and rushes off out.

He tells her he's heard she's pregnant and asks if it's his. Just then there's a knock on the door and a secretary comes in and says she has Rita's daughter (! Just then Gemma bursts in, she knew what Rita was doing and she's going to get the results with her, whether she likes it or not! The doctor then tells them that the tumour was benign. In the salon, Audrey asks David if he's thought any more about his living arrangements.

She tells him it's Scott's, the timing wasn't right for it to be his. He tells them he thought he had it all worked out, but she and Maria have put him off the idea.

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