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Lambert admitted in a court deposition that he had raped and molested Koenig.

In a follow-up interview, Chancellor Jerry Klein said, "I don't want to leave the impression that Neuroth is the only priest we've dealt with. But all this attention on the priests as though they're the only ones, that's unfair." Both Neuroth and the man Koenig accused, William Lambert, no longer work as priests.

Carlson regularly asks anyone who has been abused in any way by the Catholic Church to come forward to receive pastoral care.

In his letter, he wrote, "Sexual abuse of children by bishops, priests and church workers runs counter to everything Jesus stands for." In a statement from Cupich's office, the Rapid City bishop wrote: "We condemn sexual abuse anywhere and we offer heartfelt sympathy to victims.

If a person who is part of the Sioux Falls Diocese is accused of sexual abuse, the policy does what it can to limit access to other vulnerable people, saids Klein, diocese chancellor. "We've had a situation in the past, for example, where someone suggested to us we didn't handle an estate correctly," Klein saids.

The Sioux Falls Diocese would always report any criminal situation it discovers, he saids. Because of problems in other dioceses, Carlson wants to make sure that things have been handled properly, he saids.

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The Rapid City Diocese has had a sexual-misconduct policy in place since 1993.

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