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The weather in the capital probably won't settle, so is expected to cause little disruption on Monday.

The snow comes after temperatures of -14C hit parts of Scotland last night, with snow falling across much of the Highlands.

In other cases, cheques were used from closed accounts which then bounced.

One farmer from Wales who supplied £90,000 worth of sheep never received a penny.

An accomplice Zulfiqar Alam ran a butcher’s shop in London where he was arrested serving behind the counter.

Yusuf admitted conspiracy to commit fraud, breaching a food prohibition order and three breaches of hygiene regulations. Alam, 47, of Humber Way, Slough admitted the conspiracy and was jailed for three years 10 months.

However, Leeds Crown Court heard payments were never made for some of the lots bought.He said it was important in the meat industry that sales could be traced to their source if there should be any risk to health but because it was being traded illegally in this case and unhygienically such traces could not be made.“This fraud caused not just the financial risk but a risk to health and public safety.” Later linking with Alam they also sold to retailers who believed they were buying Halal meat which would meet religious obligations when they did not do so.He purchased sheep from various auction markets but failed to pay the total required, leaving debts behind him at markets including Hawes, Malton, Bentham, Gisburn, Thirsk and Hexham.Mr Shaw said meat and carcases were then found being moved in a Sprinter van with a wooden lining and wooden floor which was entirely unsuitable and unhygienic and was also unrefrigerated.

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