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Although words for numbers from one (ʻakahi) to ten (ʻumi) were typically short, larger numbers were often polysyllabic.

They evidently counted one, two, three, four, and that amount called "kāuna" was their tally, when the process was repeated again.

Each has his area of responsibility or “departments” (essentially covering life’s needs.) (Kanahele) Kāne heads the areas of procreation, fresh water, forests, certain plants and animals.

Kū oversees war, politics, certain fish and shrubs, and trees.

Take your relationship to the next level and create a signature wine at Oeno Winemaking, then come back in a month or so to bottle your love potion and taste, label, and cork the fruits of your labor.

Sadly, no smashing grapes with your feet is not involved in this endeavor.

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Temporarily trade your car for a luxury vehicle and whisk your date away in a smooth-riding, air-conditioned chariot like a Ferrari Spider or a Maserati…

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