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I never remotely grasped what a great song this is until I heard it from this night.

I knew Rick, but I never understood how much of himself he never revealed until I played this over and over and over.

They’ve made it plain they’ll accept anything to keep the Trump show going and to indulge their delight in seeing America dissolved.

But we were here in 2008 when you were elected, when I was teaching at the U, and I have often thought of seeing some of my students carrying a huge FRANKEN manner across the campus.12/12/17 Lately I have been thinking about different kinds of lyrics in rock music.I think one of the great joys of rock music is that lyrics may seem “difficult” or “simple.” Some artists has written songs with rather complicated lyrics.Lyrics which makes it hard to get an idea what the song is all about.I am not talking about “the meaning” of the song, rather what images the song gives you as a listener.

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