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This is definitely the most popular to meet other ladies to hook up with.

Cherry hosts super popular parties on New Year’s and during Pride which are always a good time.

On Mondays you’ll find trivia at 8pm which draws a pretty diverse crowd, including lots of non-lesbians.

They also feature microbrews for — can’t beat a good beer and nerdy women.

If you do your Googlage, you’ll find out that officially there’s only one “lesbian” bar in Seattle, the Wildrose Bar.

While this is technically true, there are a number of other bars that are either owned by lesbians or frequented by so many lesbians, they might as well be a dyke bar, including Jabu’s Pub, Out West Bar, and Tommy Gun Seattle.

A word to the wise though — this bar tends to attract bachelorette parties, so if you’re not willing to deal with annoying straight girls trying to kiss you to mark off a bullet on their scavenger hunt, avoid this place during wedding season. Neighbours (1509 Broadway- Capitol Hill) – Similar to R Place, but more house music, less gay women, and a little bit sketchier crowd.Jabu’s is located in lower Queen Anne, a quick two block walk from the Space Needle and Key Arena (home of the Seattle Storm WNBA team).Jabu’s is super friendly and has a great selection of local beers and tasty food.Can be a super fun place to go dancing with your friends; just don’t touch the walls, as there tends to be a lot of random male sex happening here.One cool thing about Neighbours is that it stays open until 4am for dancing, and after 2am (when the liquor goes away) it opens to the 18 crowd.

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It’s not the nicest bar on the block and can feel quite divey, but the staff are friendly and most of the time it’s a pretty welcoming place to come.

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