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Your legacy is that you have helped to convince us all of the importance of ensuring that young and vulnerable people have the confidence to report abuse, and when they do so their voices will be heard and treated with the same respect as those with power in our society.Top Of The Pops was a 'moral danger' to young girls, Dame Janet says.A parallel inquiry also published yesterday into Stuart Hall (pictured yesterday) found BBC managers were aware – or should have been – that he was abusing girls Dame Janet highlighted several individuals who either knew about the abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, suspected it, or should have known, but failed to report it or take proper action.She highlighted a case in late 1978 or early 1979 when Mr Beston invited a 19-year-old waitress he knew to meet Savile at a drinks party.Miss Dux, a lawyer at the firm representing 168 victims of Savile at the BBC and NHS, said: 'Despite millions having been spent on the inquiry, my clients will feel let down that the truth has still not been unearthed.'Sylvia Edwards, 58, who was groped live on Top Of The Pops by Savile in 1976 when she was 18, said: 'It's on video, for God's sake. ' he said.'But our primary thoughts must be with the victims - the survivors of the abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.

Savile's reign of abuse dates back to 1959 when he raped a 13-year-old girl, before attacks followed 'in the corridors and dressing rooms of every BBC premises'.The 1,000-page report painted a picture of a 'bullying' culture at the BBC where 'virtually unassailable' presenters were treated with 'kid gloves', and staff were afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs.'Savile used his celebrity to promise access to excitement and fun and then grotesquely exploited it… But a year after his death allegations began to emerge that he had used his work for the BBC and for the NHS to sexually abuse children and young women. How high do they have to be before they can say they didn't know about it?The revelations led to Dame Janet's inquiry but victims criticised her findings as a whitewash and a waste of time. 'Lord Hall said he took 'no satisfaction' from Dame Janet's findings. Just as powerful as the accusation, 'You knew' is the question, 'How could you not have known?In a damning verdict on one of the BBC's most successful shows, she said youngsters found themselves in the company of older men and were 'liable' to be involved in sexual activity.The second was in 1971 when Vera Mc Alpine telephoned the BBC to complain her daughter Claire, then 15, had been seduced by a celebrity in his flat after she had attended TOTP as a member of the audience.

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He is pictured during the Top of the Pops show in 2006Revelations: Savile's most recent attack happened in 2006 after filming for Top of the Pops (left), it has emerged, as the review by Dame Janet Smith (right, at a press conference yesterday morning) was published Meanwhile, in 1973 the Radio 1 controller at the time, Douglas Muggeridge, launched two investigations into Savile after hearing rumours about his sexual impropriety, but neither of these were pursued thoroughly and they failed to identify Savile's abuse or stop it.

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