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Invite them to play, browse our forums, visit the chat, or comment on the profiles!

We have always been a welcoming, tight-knit community, dedicated to bringing a fun and exciting game, with a friendly user-base and social setting.

Here's the song Dirt Devil that was released last May 14,2014. She is known for her Chaoz songs and other video game remixes. This streamy file was stepped by our simfiler Chlo Mo DJz. This file is easy at the beginning but when you reach the middle part, there are some 64th rolls and jump jacks waiting for you. Be sure to check out for more Hujiko Pro music from the links below: Soundcloud Bandcamp Homepage You all know that the last Venetian Snares song is too hard because of its gimmicks.

A song remixed by Zircon from the game Final Fantasy VI. But now we have another song by him that is called Hiszekeny.

The first chart we have for you is actually a chart that was released back on December 27, 2014!

But that doesn't mean it shouldn't get it's proper recognition!

I'm willing to bet that everyone has one friend that they have not told about Thirdstyle, and how much fun you have when playing!

So, why don't everyone take the link to our site, send it to a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site you use, and lets bring some more friends to our community!

This dubstep song will get you in the groove with it's upbeat tempo and bursty tricks, keeping a smooth flow throughout the entire song. With their first chart released on August 4th, 2015, we'd like to welcome our newest step artist, Rabbit Sweaters, with their song Blow in the Cartridge! We have veteran simfile artists, we have new simfile artists, but this is certainly a chart for the record books!

After completing the hard chart, he passed the rest of the file to Nocturne to complete the beginner, easy and medium charts for all of us to enjoy. We would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for all of the people who continue to give us great simfiles for everyone to enjoy.

If you feel up to the challenge of stepping for Thirdstyle, or if you already have a chart you think might be ready to be presented, please let Vote4Nixon or myself know, and hopefully we can help you get a pretty yellow name! First off we have a Gabber, J-Core song named i Doll Spirits 2000 composed by our new artist on Thirdstyle, DJ Sharpnel. Listen to ,000 Pisses: Bandcamp Soundcloud First off we have the popular speedcore artist m1dlet returning to Thirdstyle!

All four difficulties were stepped by our very own Chlo Mo DJz, way to go man, keep it up with the releasing of more great files!

Here are some more ways to keep up with 3R2 and DJ Mashiro!

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This file is very colorful because of its notes and get ready for some 64th rollin'. This file is a little bit hard too because of its colorful notes and jacks on hard file.

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