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Even if solid Wendy Houses are constructed, in good faith, a lack of industry knowledge and experience can lead to a structure that is not going to last.

This makes the good price a bad long term investment. Even the smallest garden shed is going to set you back a sizable lump of cash- certainly enough to make it worth your while doing a little bit of homework before handing money over. Are they a legitimate company, do they know what they are talking about, can they show you other work that they have done?

Do some research into products and techniques so that you have a better idea when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.The owner, James Cloete, has worked hard to build his business and continues to work just as hard to maintain and protect the good name and reputation he has built.Pinnacle Homes Tel: 0 email: [email protected] address: 11 Barkley Street, Ruyterwacht, Goodwood, Cape Town 7460 Pinnacle Homes specialize in quality custom Wendy Houses, Nutec Houses, Log Houses, Vibracrete Houses, wooden home relocations, and general home improvements.Well established, respected, hard working, producers of quality products, ranging from a simple garden shed right through to fully functioning home.This is a serious company that takes serious pride in what it produces.

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