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Simpson is allowed to leave Nevada remains to be seen, but there's one place in Southern California he's certainly not welcome."Right now with USC, what the administration and the athletic department have said is, no, O. will not be a part of our functions," the University of Southern California head football coach Clay Helton told the New York Post. Simpson (L) arrives for his parole hearing in at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock, Nevada, U. (Photo by Jason Bean/Reno Gazette-Journal-Pool/Getty Images)O. He then enrolled at City College of San Francisco in 1965 and played football both ways as a running back and defensive back.

Sholeh Moll/Nevada Department of Transportation/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTYO. Simpson (L) arrives for his parole hearing in at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock, Nevada, U. Simpson is serving a nine to 33 year prison term for a 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. Simpson (R) arrives for his parole hearing with attorney Malcolm La Vergne at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock, Nevada, U. AN UNPROCESSED VERSION WILL BE PROVIDED SEPARATELY. See his evolution through the years: Simpson played for his high school's football team, the Galileo Lions.

In the months leading up to his release, Simpson will meet with case workers in the Nevada Department of Corrections to arrange the terms of his parole.

ESPN calculated that Simpson, 70, could receive as much as ,565 a month from the NFL , assuming he didn’t start dipping into his pension until he was 65.

He could also receive SAG payments for his on-camera work.

After his 1995 acquittal in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson famously pledged to find “the real killers.” That ambition didn’t come up at Simpson’s parole hearing Thursday, but he did mention moving to Florida and starting a blog.

After nine years in prison on robbery charges, Simpson will be released from the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada on October 1, thanks to the 4-0 decision by Nevada’s parole board.

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