Sims 3 online dating quest

Disable them with the one movable statue to access the other pushable statue.

Push one onto the panel in the middle of the room, and another panel will appear; push or pull the other statue until that one is triggered.

In this Al Simhara guide, you’ll discover the dastardly secrets of a mysterious corporation, explore the famous pyramids, and maybe even meet a mummy or two while raising your Egypt Visa to level three and making a small fortune in treasure.

Al Simhara, Egypt, is the medium-priced destination in The Sims 3: World Adventures, and offers its own unique recipes, skills, and items.

Swim through the tunnel and when you come out, step on the panel.

Before going through, inspect the left wall for a secret door.

Go through, and pull the statue onto the panel in the middle of the room.

Enter the unlocked door to find another room with statues, though only the one in the center can be moved.

Then head the opposite way and dive through the pool.

There are several active fire traps here, but they can be disabled by pushing a statue onto them.

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Stand on the foot panel and a staircase will appear in front of you; descend.

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