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The parents of the family do not seem all that concerned when it comes to the teeth of the children.Noah’s teeth are not the worst of the children but they are not what I would call straight.One of the first thing almost everyone notices when they tune into an episode of Alaskan Bush People is the teeth of the children.Both Rain and Snowbird, the girls, have teeth that could use braces or some type of care.Over the last few decades we have learned that lack of care for teeth can cause major health concerns as human beings age.In fact, some have died from complications caused by cavities and other types of gum disease in the mouth.

That said, Noah obviously has many interests when it comes to engineering so how could he not want to see what modern technology has to offer?In modern society we call this an i Phone or a smartphone but he has yet to see something like that.It is interesting that many of the children of the Alaskan Bush People Brown family have uploaded videos to You Tube.Interestingly, at the end of every You Tube video completed by the children they promote the book “One Wave at a Time” by Billy Bryan Brown, the father of the family.They also discuss the fact that you can buy the book at and Barnes and Noble.

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