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3- ADDING A FAKE VIDEO TO TALKFist of you need to download manycamswhat is manycams?

Many Cam is a freeware program that allows users to have the ability to use their webcam with multiple chat applications simultaneously, such as Skype, Omegle, Chatroulette, MSN, or You Tube.

In business, Skype has not only significantly reduced the cost of doing business, but also has changed the way companies hire new employees.

With the economy in the Western hemisphere still in the doldrums, job candidates are casting wider nets and companies are reducing travel costs.

Trust me, companies all monitor, and often help write, their own Wikipedia entries.

Spend some time on the company website or talk to people who work there.

Telehealth, largely fueled by Skype, has allowed doctors to communicate with rural and remote patients.

In education, initiatives to link teachers with students have redefined classroom learning.

Don't rely on the built in microphone unless you want to sound like you're in a bat cave. Finally, have your resume or link to your portfolio ready, just in case your interviewer needs to view it over Skype.

Certainly, the Skype interview doesn't replace face-to-face interviews, but it allows people to get a much better feel for their potential colleagues early on in the process.

I've held a dozen Skype interviews in the last month alone.

Especially in a Skype interview, where your interviewer is still on their work computer and email notifications are appearing inches above your video feed.

Assess the mood and energy level of your interviewer and adjust.

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