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Then, too, ordinarily he ought not to hastily reach this conclusion on the very first experience of his penitent.It is true there are cases of scruples which may be recognized from the start, but this is not the rule.Hence they are to guard against the reading of ascetical books of a rigorist trend and any intercourse with those afflicted in the same way as themselves.If the source of their scruples be ignorance -- for example, with regard to the obligation of some commandment -- they are to be instructed, discretion being used in the imparting of the necessary information.The judgment is seriously warped, the moral power tired out in futile combat, and then not unfrequently the scrupulous person makes shipwreck of salvation either on the Scylla of despair or the Charybdis of unheeding indulgence in vice.It is of great importance to be able to make a correct diagnosis of this disease.They are to treat their unhappy penitents in general with great kindness.Occasionally, however, some degree of severity may be useful when the penitent shows an extreme tenacity in adhering to his own unreasonable view of the situation.

For one thing, the confessor should not confound a delicate with a scrupulous conscience, neither should he interpret the reasonable solicitude sometimes discernible in those who are trying to emerge from a life of sin as a sign of scrupulosity.

Some special indications that persons are really scrupulous, generally adopted by theologians are those enumerated by Lacroix.

Among these is a certain rooted attachment to their own opinion which makes them unwilling to abide by the judgment of those whom they consult, even though these latter have every title to deference.

Finally, he may sometimes do what should hardly ever be done in any other instance, that is, forbid the penitent to have recourse to another confessor. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2017 Catholic Online.

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