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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is the base game and is available for .99 on PC or Mac.The expansion, Heart of the Swarm, is .99, but you don’t need it to use the level editor.This was, at the game’s 2008 release, a very unique feature, and Little Big Planet remains a gem of customization among console games.The sequel, Little Big Planet2, added to that reputation with more environments and more customization.

There are, however, a few titles that don’t just give players some power to customize, but embrace the concept fully, giving players the power to change almost everything in the game world.You can improve the graphics with high-res textures and more detailed models, add new player housing, download new quests, and obtain new weapons. The original Starcraft was popular not only because of its e Sports scene but also because of its editor.Blizzard wasn’t oblivious to this success, so it added an even more robust editor to Starcraft 2Starcraft II is a complicated game filled with deep nuances and intense strategy that can be rather intimidating for newer players to get a hold off.The possibilities really are endless, not just because there are tons of mods available, but also because Minecraft is one of the easiest games to mod.If you’ve never tried modding before, it’s a great place to start.

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But such extreme projects are only part of what’s possible.

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