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That is, for each record about Mary in the employee address table, there's also just one in the HR (human resources) table. Do you sell just one item to just one customer, each time you make a sale? If you're a bookstore, you probably sold Mary several books on Linux the last time she came into the store.

And with luck, Mary is a repeat customer so you've sold her stuff before.

The first two were Allerton Park, Illinois, and Muncie, Indiana.) As we chatted before his address to the OOPSLA Educators Symposium last week, Alan Kay said "Canadians really know how to do big cities." He's certainly right about Vancouver. Do you see the little sail-like structures in the middle of the picture at the right?

Let's start off with a description of what table relations are anyway, then discuss how to create a data entry form like this one, which has data from two related tables. Sometimes, you don't need your tables to relate to each other.

If you're just keeping mailing list info in your database, you don't need to care much about relations. Let's say, however, that you have a company with employees.

The way it's written, you feel that you're in a classroom and someone is actually teaching you the difficult concepts, but not in a dry, formal manner.

The questions at the end of the chapters are also really good, and I am sure they will help candidates pass the test.

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