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I know that I need to put in the effort if I want to date, even if it hard for me, and this was a chance to do that.

Also, I was issued a challenge to go on (or at least arrange) two dates before the end of 2010, and I could count this as one of them!

There was no uncomfortable moment of going up to anyone and asking where the speed dating was, which I think set a good tone for the experience. It was also nice to have someone to chat to before the event started.

There was some down time with a lot of solo bar-sitting going on before the dates officially started.

They didn’t care which girl sat in which spot to start, or what guy sat down there, or exactly where the stations were ahead of time. Of course, everyone is a little bit awkward, especially at first, because you’re thrown right into a conversation, maybe with a type of person you’d normally never talk to.

So when my friend got an email from Professionals in the City about speed dating in Arlington and wanted to go, I thought it was a great idea.

My hot dentist went to one of their speed dating events; he liked it alright but he didn’t get any dates out of it.

This really surprised me because, like I said, he’s hot.

Tags: Pentagon Row, Professionals in the City, speed dating Professionals in the City is a great way to not only get out of the house, but to meet people and network.

According to their website, the organization has 200,000 DC members and hosts more than 1,000 events each year.

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An awesomely bad single dating promo video by Professionals in the City: Are you glad you went with a friend? I knew that no matter how awkward and out-of-place I felt, I would still have someone to talk to.

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