Speed dating new york comic con

As of 2008, it's the most popular Vertigo Comics title, spawning the Spin-Off titles Bigby: Sure, you're a terror when gutting unarmed brides on their wedding night, or gunning down an unconscious man on a toilet.

You're a coward, Bluebeard, hiding behind a lifetime of wealth & privilege.

Comic Con seems an unlikely place to get your flirt on, but when nerds unite clad in Spandex and armor, sparks can fly.

I’d gone speed dating only once before, at Minneapolis Comic Con, and heard epic tales of the speed dating scene at NYCC.

I'm not being humble and I'm not being hard on myself. I know that it's funny but it's hard for me to talk about it like it's an art form.

I knew someone at Nickelodeon who called me and said there was this role, and asked if I would be interested in doing it, so I did it.

At the time, my kids were of the age that they were watching Nickelodeon, and would enjoy that kind of movie, and I thought "Well, I haven't really done a kids' movie yet." I guess I justified...

Amazing Spider-Man Apartment 3-GArctic Circle Baby Blues Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Beetle Bailey Better Half Between Friends Bizarro Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog Blondie Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee Buckles Crankshaft Crock Curtis De Flocked Dennis the Menace Dustin Edge City Family Circus Flash Gordon Funky Winkerbean Grin and Bear It Hagar the Horrible Hazel Heaven's Love Thrift Shop Henry Hi and Lois Intelligent Life Judge Parker Katzenjammer Kids Lockhorns Mallard Fillmore Mandrake the Magician Mark Trail Marvin Mary Worth Moose and Molly Mother Goose & Grimm Mutts Ollie & Quentin Revisited On the Fastrack Pajama Diaries Pardon My Planet Phantom Piranha Club Popeye Prince Valiant Pros & Cons Retail Rex Morgan M.

Bigby Wolf: You're lying now, because you always lie. Snow White: Jack, did you ever hear about the boy who cried wolf? Big Bad) Wolf, Jack Horner, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Boy Blue, the Frog Prince and many more, and spins them into a realistic, modern day setting.

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